MCC TAG Panama, S.A. (MCCTAG), through its senior consultants Dr. J. Alegrett and W. Clemens, has been in operation around the globe for over two decades, and has been consigned by various governments through their respective Ministries to consult with and advise on the overall feasibility of large scale government infrastructure and development projects that are required to advance the prosperity and growth of those countries. For example, MCCTAG is active in the countries of Panama, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). MCCTAG has previously and does presently advise the Ministries of some of those countries as to the feasibility of such mega-projects, and the positive/negative aspects such projects would create from an economic, environmental, and/or geopolitical impact to the region. MCCTAG then uses this researched information to select the best and most qualified international companies able to execute such mega-projects to enable the client government to achieve the maximum positive result in the shortest possible time.

MCCTAG has, over the years, developed and nurtured excellent on-going relationships with numerous international business organizations as a direct result of this fact finding and competency analysis on behalf of the government clients. These business organizations are involved in the fields of commercial building and infrastructure construction, telecommunications, mining, logistics, and oil and natural gas production and distribution, and maritime, for example. MCCTAG also represents buyers and sellers of commodities such as D2 diesel fuel, JP54 jet fuel, crude oil, petrochemicals, bauxite, aluminum, copper, iron, steel, palm oil and cement.